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Founder of Bellydanceschool Nadiya Natali is an artist of Dutch-Turkish descent with extensive training in Bellydance and numerous other (dance) forms including Ballet, Flamenco, African Dance, and Yoga.


Her soulful interpretation of both Egyptian and contemporary Bellydance creates a mesmerizing dance style that has put her on prestigious stages throughout the Netherlands and abroad.


Nadiya studied intensively with dance masters such as Farouq, Salomé, Khariya Maazin, Dina and Raqia Hassan and performs in Egypt on a regular basis.

In 2001 Nadiya debuted at Lowlands Festival with the Fool Moon Band and many shows followed at small and big events. Together with DJ Mystic Grooves, she danced again at Lowlands, Paradiso, Rasa, and various theatres. She performed on a regular basis in Egypt and in Marrakech, Morocco for NuMedia's video clip. As a member of The Uzumé Dance Company, she travelled to Spain and the USA to perform at BloodMoon Regale and to study with Mira Betz and Suhaila Salimpour.


In July 2009 she became a certified Yoga teacher for adults and children. Since 2010 Nadiya frequently teaches at the reputable Cultural African Centre (CAK) in Oslo, Norway.

Nadiya works for Shimmy Shake Festival and Talent Search, Kunstgebouw, Basic Drum Promotion, SKVR, Tobe Cultuurcentrum, Music in Motion, Manouck Events, SWF, Silent Disco and many more organisations.

In her classes, Nadiya brings a wealth of experience and a focus not only on the technical side of the dance but one embracing the holistic aspects.


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